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I’m Craig.  I do tech support and figure out what make things tick.

And I'm James 49% of brains of the outfit.  

Together we are The Gadget Guys - think Arthur Daley, only with a conscience - you'd be amazed what we have down the lock-up. Our company was born of a desire to stop working for ‘The Man’ and frustration at all the high priced landfill that’s out there.

We’re two guys who love things that are interesting, quirky or just make life better.  What we don't sell are things we would not use ourselves or gadgets that will just sit at the bottom of the desk until the next clean up.  We tend to run with whatever we find interesting and you’ll have noticed the eclectic mix of products we offer. Yes, we really are Gadget Guys.

So why deal with us?  We don’t sell things that we wouldn’t recommend to our friends, and we pride ourselves on service.  We want YOU to be happy so that you will tell your friends about us.  

We are a 100% Kiwi owned and operated online business based in Auckland.  We also sell via Trademe and so you can always check out our feedback there (thegadgetguys)

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy the experience, if not we want to hear about it.   Contact Us


Craig and James

The Gadget Guys

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