About Us

Welcome to the home of The Gadget Guys!

We are the Gadget Guys, and we're Gadget-o-holics.  

We're a couple of Kiwis who are fascinated by technology, gadgets and things that make life easier.  Our Auckland based company grew out of our search for quality goods at reasonable prices:  in frustration we decided to source things ourselves.

As a result the only items we sell are all things that we would use ourselves.  We stand by our products 100% and promise to do our utmost to make YOU happy.  If you're not we want to hear about it!

We are authorised re-sellers and distributors or RAM mounting solutions. The RAM mounting system can complement technology in almost every facet of your life - if you have mounting problem needing a solution then please ask - we're here to help you find it!

We also stock wireless Bluetooth motorbike intercoms and accessories to suit a range of budgets from the BT Easy-Talk intercom range through to the outstanding, cutting edge Next Generation BT PRO range from Midland Radio in Italy.  

Travel is literally in our blood and between us we have over 40 years in the commercial aviation industry.  We're also actively involved in club motorsport, kayaking and boating so we literally use the products that we sell here.

Our product range varies from month to month as new things catch our eyes, so check back often.  If you can't find something you want or have a suggestion we're always happy to hear from you so drop us a line. 

Please come on in, take your time, kick your shoes off and have a look around. Excuse the mess - this site is always a work in progress!

If you need some advice you can reach us on 09 558 6189 and if we are not available immediately then we will try to get back in touch with you as soon as we touch down!