RAM Part Number Glossary

RAM® Part Numbers: A how to guide

On the face of it RAM's part numbers can be quite bewildering however relax, take a deep breath and let us walk you through the system.  There is a logic to it!  At the heart of the system is a rubber ball molded onto an aluminium post which mates with a socket on an alloy arm.  The result is a strong joint with a degree of vibration dampening and superb adjustability.

The balls are available in 5 diameters according to intended load and are referred to by letter, A being the smallest and E being the largest. The following has been shamelessly reproduced from RAM's website to illustrate the point:

RAM Ball Sizes

A size ball 0.56" diameter ball 
B size ball 1" diameter ball 
C size ball 1.5" diameter ball 
D size ball 2.25" diameter ball 
E size ball 3.38" diameter ball

To help you understand the part number format used, we are providing the following example. It is two different sizes of a basic RAM mounting system including the corresponding arm, round base with ball.  

RAM-201U this is a double socket arm in a 1.5" C-size ball.

RAM-B-201U This is a double socket arm in a 1" B-size ball.

Note: The C size 1 .5" ball does not have a letter C following the RAM- prefix code, while all other sizes do require a letter.  
Important: Be careful to make sure you have the letter in the proper location of the part number so you order the correct size system or component. If in any doubt, please contact us.

Weight Capacities

B size 1" ball mount for units up to 2.25kg in 1g
C size 1.5" ball mount for units up to 4.5kg in 1g 
D size 2.25" ball mount for units up to 6.75kg in 1g

E size 3.38" ball mount for units up to 9kg in 1g

RAM Prefix Code

RAM fitting with the prefix RAM are made of marine grade aluminum with a black powder coated finish, stainless steel hardware and rubber balls, providing lightweight, strength and corrosion resistance. 

Some of these parts are also available in composite construction.  In this case the mount part number has the prefix code RAP. Composite components include both single and double socket arm assemblies with the same rubber ball and socket technology and are interchangeable with alloy components. 

Other RAM codes

Mount or base of aluminum construction
Mount or base of composite construction
When included in RAP part numbers, this stands for “snap link”
Snap link base or system, hard composite ball and socket, not rubber
Accommodates or has B size ball
9/16” diameter rubber ball
1” diameter rubber ball
1 ½” diameter rubber ball
2 ¼” diameter rubber ball mount kit or component
Vehicle Base
Complete Vehicle Mount System
Accommodates A size ball, B length arm or system
Accommodates B size ball, A length arm or system
Accommodates B size ball, standard length arm or system
Accommodates B size ball, C length arm or system
Accommodates C size ball, B length arm or system
Accommodates C size ball, D length arm or system
Accommodates D size ball, D length arm or system
Accommodates D size ball, C length arm or system
Accommodates D size ball, E length arm or system
Accommodates E size ball, E length arm
Accommodates E size ball, D length arm

RAM Double Socket Arm Lengths

Product Number
Overall Length
Socket-To-Socket Length
2 7/16" / 62mm
1 ¾" / 44.5mm
3 11/16" / 94mm
2 ⅞" / 73mm
6" / 152mm
5 3/16" / 132mm
3 ½" / 89mm
2 ¼" / 57mm
5 ⅝" / 57mm
2 ¼" / 57mm
9 ⅛" / 232mm
8 ¾" / 222mm
5 1/16" / 128mm
3 3/16" / 81mm
8 ⅜" / 212mm
6 9/16" / 169mm
12 ⅞" / 327mm
11 3/16" / 284mm
7 ¼" / 184mm
4 ⅜" / 111mm
12 ⅝" / 320mm
9 ⅞" / 321mm

RAM Device Cradles and Holders

The RAM range includes a large number of device specific cradles and holders suitable for many devices.  We have a selection of complete mounting solutions available however all can be built from component parts.  Most device cradles use a RAM-X-202U round base on the back to allow then to mate with the rest of the RAM system.  The exceptions to this are the X-grips with the code suffix BU which have their own ball already and the smaller device cradles which accept a RAM-X-238U diamond shaped mounting plate.

Hopefully this has helped to clarify the system a little and allow you to navigate around the RAM part numbering system.  If you get stuck we're here to help.

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