Intercoms with Remote

Handlebar remotes are useful in multi-rider setups as they let you focus on the road and provide a good alternative to fumbling for buttons on the side of your helmet.

The Yueny-Moto range includes 2 models with remotes:  The R4 and the R8. 

Both can be used without the remote if preferred and are great entry level systems which provide good bang for the buck.  The R4 allows switching between up to four riders in a group and has VOX intercom and auto answer cellphone features.

The R8 is a conference style intercom which also features FM radio.

All of the excellent Midland Radio systems have the option of adding a handlebar remote.  We recommend considering these as your first choice option.  

Uniquely to Midland, all intercoms in the range feature 'Talk to All': your Midland intercom will work with other branded Bluetooth intercoms.  

Additional features include models with Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Core technology, conference style VOX intercom between up to 8 riders (4 bikes), music source sharing between rider and pillion, voice commands, a second background audio channel for your GPS or Radar Detector, FM radio with presets, two cell phones per rider, adjustable mic sensitivity, upgradeable firmware and a companion smartphone app.  

Finally, the innovative new Midland BTT Button.  

The Midland BTT Button is a new approach to multi rider motorcycle comms.  The BTT button acts as a remote push to talk (PTT) for the Midland BTTalk App for iOS and Android.  Check it out

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Wireless HiFi Motorbike / Motorcycle Intercom with remote

Wireless HiFi Motorbike / Motorcycle Intercom with remote

One SINGLE R4 motorbike intercom set, with remote controller and accessories from Yeuny-Moto. This i..

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