Throat Mics

Throat Mics


Originally founded in 2001 as an audio design and development company, IASUS Concepts provided custom services for a wide range of clients seeking innovative, design-driven audio products.  Today Iasus are known for their high quality range of NT3 and GP3 throat mics, diablo pocket amps and XS3 helmet mounted speakers.

IASUS NT3, Black Ops 2 and GP3 throat mics and adapters are mix and match - each requires an adapter to suit a range of sources, be it smart phone or one of the many supported brands of hand-held UHF radio.  Once you have chosen your throat mic style have a look at our accessories section and choose the one that suits your radio. Common choices include Motorola, Kenwood, Garmin, Uniden, Midland, Puxing.  

Throw in an optional sniper or finger push to talk (PTT) whilst you are there.

As always, if you have any questions please ask!

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Secret Service Style headset for smart phones

Secret Service Style headset for smart phones

IASUS 500K Headset - A high quality Secret Service style headset and mic for your Phone. Bring your..

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