The Amphora Decanter Gift Set - aerate your wine whilst you pour, together with an acrylic stand for even easier use.

Red wine needs to breathe to develop intensity, bouquet and flavours, the trouble is that you usually have to pour a bottle into a carafe and let it sit for this to occur.

Not any more.

The Amphora Decanter uses the venturi effect (like a Magic Decanter) to draw air in as you pour wine through it, speeding up the process and letting you aerate wine by the glass. It's superb and you need to try it to fully grasp it's benefits. It even works on white wine too.

Made from tough acrylic and comes with a 32 cm high acrylic stand and base, rubberised no-drip stand, storage bag and sediment filter. The Amphora decanter is designed for MAXIMUM aeration - better than others in the range.

Make an average wine taste great. Make a great wine even better. Try one - you won't regret it.

Dimensions for the Decanter - Height 12.6cm (5 inches) and width 11.3cm (4.5 inches)

Acrylic Stand: 32cm high (12 inches)

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Angel Decanter - Gift Set - Magic Decanter

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