The HS 30M Condenser Headset from Ready2Talk

* Designed for use with iPA, PA3, PA4, PA4+, PA5 / PA5 Portable PA systems
* In-line on/off switch
* Comfortable behind the head fit
* Great value
* Great performance

Designed and manufactured by Ready2Talk in Canada these offer a number of benefits

Same as the HS 40M headset except with the mic on the left side. It too includes an inline On/Off switch so you can have a private conversation and the switch will trigger the muting function when playing music from your iPhone into the PA.

With its durable yet comfortable metal behind the head headband, it will fit any sized bean and you can still wear a hat. Just bend the band to fit… go ahead, it’s tough. And like all our microphones it has been designed with our PA 5 series systems so it will make everyone sound like a FM radio DJ. Even me.

Buy two… because you never know when you might need a spare!

Condenser mics - an overview:

Condenser mics are relatively new and have been in mass production for about 20 years. As the name applies they are much smaller in size therefore they are a lot more popular in today’s small electronics. They are used in things like telephone and computer headsets, cell phones, two way radios; you would recognize them as the little headsets that telephone operators wear on today’s TV shows, those are condenser mics.

The basic operation for both types of mics are the same but, condenser mics are so small they require a power source to make them work or phantom power. That’s why you might remember seeing the ones with a little battery in the cord that annoyingly wears out when you need it most… for that big tour. Also, generally condenser mics are more sensitive than Dynamic mics or should I say, condenser mics will be louder than the same type of mic using a Dynamic cartridge. Now you know the difference.

(NOTE… all Ready2Talk PA systems send power up the microphone wire to the condenser mic so batteries are not required)


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Ready2Talk HS30M Condensor Microphone

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