IASUS 500K - secret service style earpiece for cell phones.

NOTE: Some headset functions such as music track skipping may not be compatible with some phone models.

The 500K is the ideal headset for:

• Smartphone and VoIP conference calls

• Business travel

• Skype

• Everyday handsfree communication


Acoustic Coil A lightweight, high-performance alternative to conventional earpieces, the acoustic coil can be worn all day without discomfort. Black Colour. Customization kit included to adapt the coil to personal preferences.

500K Answer/End Call Button With unparalleled durability, this button can take up to 500,000 hits. Mounted on a rotating steel clip, it controls music playback and volume levels and contains noise-reducing unidirectional microphone.

Contour Earpieces Comes with left and right contour earpiece options for a more secure fit and extra comfort.

Carrying Case Ballistic nylon carrying case keeps the 500K dry, clean, and safe.

The 500K’s acoustic coil is a unique earpiece adapted from the design of standard-issue Secret Service, CIA, and FBI headsets. The lightweight acoustic coil rests securely and comfortably in the ear without occluding the ear canal, making it possible to wear the headset all day without discomfort and overheating. The answer/end call button can take up to 500,000 hits and houses a noise-reducing unidirectional microphone. Originally engineered for security personnel who require the ultimate in reliability and comfort from their communications equipment, the 500K Headset is now available for mobile phones and PCs.

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IASUS Secret Service Style Smartphone Headset

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