RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts

RAM Mounting Systems

RAM mounts have been the gold standard for mounting devices and screens in vehicles since 1992 and we are proud to be able to supply what is arguably the widest range of genuine made-in-the-USA RAM mounting solutions available in New Zealand.  RAM solutions are available for a wide variety of applications including vehicles, industrial, military, marine, aviation, even material handling as well as any application requiring a rugged, flexible and robust mounting solution.  

If you want to mount a device to a something, be it a camera, tablet, EFB, smartphone, fish-finder or GPS - RAM almost certainly has it covered.  Want to mount a smartphone on your motorcycle?  No problem.  A tablet in your aircraft or truck?  Fish finder for your Jet-ski?  We can handle that.  A cell phone mount for your windscreen?  RAM provides the most reliable and durable version on the market.

How it works:

The RAM system is mix and match and the only limit is your imagination.  You typically need a base, an arm, adapter and device cradle.  Most arms and bases are made from marine grade alloy with some components also available in high strength composite.  The size of the ball and socket system varies according to load capacity.  1"/B-size for up to 2.25kg load, 1.5"/C-size for 4.5kg load etc etc.  See the RAM Glossary page for more info.

Confused?  Take the pain of of it by heading to our complete mounts section for the most commonly sought mounting solutions.

There are close to 3500 parts in the RAM catalogue so if we don't have it here, chances are that we can supply it.  Just ask!  

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